The men how to choose the collocation of color that is worn outfit

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The men  how to choose the collocation of color that is worn outfit Empty The men how to choose the collocation of color that is worn outfit

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The men how to choose the collocation of color that is worn outfit

The colour of man dressed three or four general color color range for choice and match.Blue-from deep navy-bright light blue.Blue is considered to be the highest rate in the color of the man, the navy for men is the basic color forever, so put it in a row the clothes of the colors of the other two color is gray and brown rat, came in fourth is green, so life basically every man will have one to three sets of blue dress, it is very normal.Blue reminds us of the blue sky, ocean, so was as a fresh feeling the provisions of the suit of color, it builds a young, bright, relaxed image is very popular; At the same time, the navy for the kind of reason, and who the ?(1) the blue as the center congener color combination.Like bright, relaxed and tonal people wearing blue moves in clothing, can match the white, cream-colored monochromatic department, etc, or the yellow orange, red orange monochromatic department of decorations made as comparative color to undertake collocation, the colour of the ratio don't big, but it can have dolce gabbana suits emphasis and the role of the dot eyeball.(2) with a blue as the center contrast color combination.In combination with contrasting colors in the form of dress collocation, used to be the comparative color with patterns in stripes or mixed yarn way into certain blue department, make each other echo coordination. Something dark gray and blue dress fastens with color soil of the shallow blue shirt formed by the combination of the form of vertical harmonic echo of up and down effect. Blue vest and with.Gray-from black-white.As monochrome black and white, and black to white from between will have hundreds of gray, black, gray, white, is what we usually say no color department, in the clothes of the colour system of man is also not be ignored in the content, especially with mice gray for representative, it is with navy terms with tied for the office uniforms, and black and white has basically was identified as the formal dress color, it whether as a funeral service evening dress, or a wedding dress, all look so calm steady, although drab but have a strong sense of presence, it with any of the lightness color combination together, have a very prominent characteristics. But in the absence of a clothing color combination, made of pure black to pure white is happening on the lightness. fmzds111130


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