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HOW IT'S MADE-Best man suit on suit-bay Empty HOW IT'S MADE-Best man suit on suit-bay

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HOW IT'S MADE-Best man suit on suit-bay

This just means cleaned and un-cleaned. best man suit Combed yarn is much more expensive and will result in premium quality suit. Premium quality suit sellers make it a point to mention that their suits are made of combed yarn. Most of these premium brands outsource their products from large factories in India or Bangladesh. There are two types of Suit-bay suits. The flat knitting is generally used for knitting woolen sweaters. suit fabric is mostly knitted on Circular knitting machine. This is what makes it possible to have tubular suits or without side seams. Tubular suits or Polo suits are no longer preferred, since it could lose shape after wash, unless knitted in the right gauge & weight, using good quality yarn. Maintaining the exact measurements also is an issue, of suits with seamless sides. But the stretchy nature of knitted fabric gives nice fit,breathing comfort and warmth to your body.Knitting Rib trims for the neck and cuffs is very similar machine, but with different head. Similarly for knitting pique for making Polo suits or Sweatshirt hoodies or Interlock material, are very similar machines. All these machines look alike very much, but with different heads to churn out fabric in different patterns.Collar Suit-bay suits are Flat Suit-bay suits. Knit fabric is thoroughly checked for defects and then sent for dyeing for color, or bleaching for white. Before dyeing color, the fabric is half bleached by good dyeing companies, which though expensive, will result in fabric with extra bright rich color & feel, and even depth. , make suits or Polo suits look casually formal.After dyeing or bleaching, when the fabric is dried, It undergoes a process called compacting. Smaller quantities are cut by standard Lay cutting machine.The different parts of a suit or Polo shirt or Sweatshirt hoodie are stitched by three different machines. Overlock machine, flat lock machine and Single needle machine.Overlock stitching, using an over-lock machines is for most seams. Then they are ironed; tags are attached and packed.Basic Round Neck Short Sleeve suit is still the most popular and largest sold single garment in the world, But Suit-bay Tee suits are gaining momentum; especially among both young and mature generation. Suit-bay suit is one of the most popular styles that men and women wear these days. Suit-bays also make great casual wear.Depending on the season or mood, it could be a Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve. Long Sleeve suits, Long Sleeve Polo suits or a Long Sleeve Henley suit can add more elegance.A few plain good quality classic-cut suits and Polo suits have become a 'must have in wardrobe' for every man and woman of modern day. It is the easiest way to give an instant boost to your personality; for virtually any body shape!!!


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