Matching your Conservatory Blinds to Suit your Personal Style

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Matching your Conservatory Blinds to Suit your Personal Style Empty Matching your Conservatory Blinds to Suit your Personal Style

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Matching your Conservatory Blinds to Suit your Personal Style

Have you ever seen those ancient lean-to type buildings that pose as conservatories? I remember an old neighbour of mine once had a crumbling sun-room that had only once in its hundred and fifty year old history seen a lick of paint. The flaking white distemper gave the impression of neglect and dilapidation, and the black and green mildew produced a musky smell that was more suited to the museum. I would stifle a giggle at her attempts to brighten up the place with voluminous red geraniums and over grown rubber plants sitting uncomfortably on rotting, woodlice infected, timber shelving. Empty tins of cat food and dense spider webs completed the scene.Of course, that was a long time ago, and my memories have been usurped by the modern conservatory possibilities that are available nowadays. I decided to go for a classic style conservatory, with real brick, wood and glass. I wanted the room to be an extension of the house, and so I fitted heating for winter, and air conditioning for summer. I wanted the room to have a solid feel, not the rattling type of Perspex sun-rooms that feel as if they will blow away in the next moderate strength storm, far too frequent in this day and age. Having chosen a beautiful conservatory, my next step was to choose suitable conservatory blinds that would complement the elegance that oozed from the new addition.I decided to search online for conservatory blinds and I came up with a wonderful service that promised to design and hand craft the blinds specifically to my tastes and requirements. There were over a thousand colour, style, and fabric combinations to choose from, and the professional design consultant that came to my home arrived with sufficient samples and blind systems to enable me to make an informed decision. The beauty of this of course was that I could see the samples in the actual room in their natural light, and not the poor quality fluorescent lighting of so many showrooms. The sample sizes too were ample and gave me a real feel for what to expect, not like the postage stamp size samples you so often get from paint brochures, that frequently end up looking nothing like what you had expected.Our conservatory was grand, yet on a small scale, and needed something to reflect its resplendent demeanour. 'Grand designs on a small scale' is what I like to call it but the real result came in the form of the conservatory blinds that gave it the edge. And as a treat, we decided to install a remote control, allowing us to up or down the blinds as and when we needed. There are days when you are in mid slumber and the sun can creep out unexpectedly. Too old or too lazy or too sleepy, the remote is the ideal way to manoeuvre the blinds to suit your predicament. A pot of tea and a slice of cake in the afternoon have given new meaning to my life . fmzds120330 hugo boss suits freeman suits


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