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All about men's white suits Empty All about men's white suits

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All about men's white suits

All about men's white suits:Men's white suits are crisp, cool and elegant. White suits are worn at appropriate time and place. It is strictly summer attire. White suit is not purchased to stay in your wardrobe. Pick it only if you really have the courage to wear it.There are many dos and don'ts on the subject of wearing white suits. They are;- Do not wear a white suit if you live in a cold place where summers don't go above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You can wear the suit only when it is officially summer.- Outdoor venues are the appropriate places to flaunt your body in that perfect white suit. - Dress up in your white suit for outdoor weddings. - Do not wear it in the city.- Go for a slim fit suit. White suits are fashion statements in themselves. They are not business attire. White suits are usually tapered at waist and tailored to shoulders. - Do not adorn your white suit with multicolor accessory or shirt.- Buy soft pastel color dress shirts to go along with you white suit.- Do not wear a shirt that has embroidery or patterns on it.- For a shoe to go with the suit, try a black loafer or brown shoes without any metal adoration on it. - Do wear a solid black tie for a perfect look. - Incase if you wish to dress down a little, pair your white jacket with black loafers, black dress shirt and a pair of jeans. This looks is an evening stunner.- Don't be worried about linen and its stains. - Wash your suits by hand. Cold machine wash also works wonders. - Do dry clean it once in a while. Check online for organic cleaners as they are better for the fabric and our environment. - Keep your suit inside cover as much as possible. This will hold its freshness and keeps it clean. - Good linen can be cleaned very easily. Stains do come off the fabric more easily than mixed fabrics. Simple but powerful solutions to get rid of the stains that make your suit ugly will work wonders. - Real tough stains on your beautiful white suit can be erased off only by a professional cleaner. So stop panicking and trust the professional in times of real disasters.- It is suggested to minimize the usage of white suits. Do not wear it the whole day as it becomes susceptible to dirt, wrinkles and stains.- As a tester try your suit on before you decide to wear it for an important occasion. This will give you a fair idea of how long your suit can be fresh and bright. fmzds120417 blue pinstripe suit boss suit


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