Wedding Shoes for Different Themes

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Wedding Shoes for Different Themes Empty Wedding Shoes for Different Themes

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Wedding Shoes for Different Themes

As the time goes on the tradition for wedding has changed a lot. In the past the brides-to-be would choose white satin shoes with simple beauty. Now with the changing theme of wedding, there are more choices available. The wedding shoes are no longer limited to stilettos, pumps and flat sandals. As long as the wedding shoes can go well with the theme, you can even wear the Ked to the wedding. The wedding is, first or foremost, your big day. Nobody will object to your choice.1 Wedding shoes for a classic wedding. For a classic theme wedding, the whole outfit of the brides will be in a plain style. The wedding shoes for such a theme should be with simple beauty. White satin shoes like pumps and sling backs are good choice. Stiletto shoes are good to highlight your figure. But to ensure that you will not plump back on the alter, you should break your feet in the shoes before the wedding day. To be more elegant is quite important on a classic wedding, so it is better to wear a pair of wedding shoes without too much embellishment. Or else the wedding shoes will stand out too much and become the focus rather than your whole ensemble.2 Wedding shoes for the fairy tale theme. The fairy tale theme wedding is the most popular wedding style for the brides who want to be different from others but don't intend to go too far beyond the old tradition. The fairy tale wedding theme allows the brides to have more freedom to play with their wedding dress and wedding shoes. Common choices for fairy tale brides contain ball gown wedding dresses and princess dresses with a tiaras. A shoe suggestion for this theme would not be stiletto or sandals for they look too modern. Wedding shoes like stilettos and sandals are not suitable for the fairy tale brides and they are inappropriate. For this theme, a pair of dainty lace-up boots in complementary color to the wedding dress will be a good idea. 3 Wedding shoes for outdoor events. During the summer, it is very nice to hold a wedding in the garden. As the whether is hot, the summer themes wedding allow for wedding dresses with airy fabric and materials. To cater for the wedding dress, the wedding shoes should also be in a airy and light style like sandals. As the high heels are easy to sink into the ground, flat or platform sandals are best. Then the brides do not have to worry about the sinking or off- balance embarrassment on the uneven ground. For the outdoor wedding theme, the wedding shoes can be casual.4 Shoes for ethic wedding. Recently more couple like to experience a special wedding with a high tone of ethic. In order to experience a true one, some even will fly to that place and hold wedding there. If you are going to wear the Japanese kimono to celebrate your wedding, wedding shoes to go with this theme would be a pair of Japanese sandals. If you are going to experience a Scottish wedding, to complement the style of your Scottish checked wedding dress, you can choose a pair of wedding shoes with the same pattern and color scheme. fmzds120424 boss mens suits hugo boss suits


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