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Select the affordable shirt on suitswhere

Easily identified by their crocodile logo that appears on apparel and other products, French company Lacoste was founded in 1933. The company specializes in quality high-end goods, including clothing, shoes, leather goods, eyewear and watches.The company, La Chemise Lacoste was created by Rene Lacoste and Andr?Gillier. The first item produced by the company was the famous tennis shirt, which remains popular today. Lacoste was one of the first companies to utilize the strategy of placing the company's logo in a conspicuous place on the clothing. Soon the tennis shirt was joined by golf shirts and clothing for sailing. Color clothing was introduced in 1951.Shortly afterward, the company began exporting their clothing to the United States, where they were marketed as an upscale choice for fashion-conscious upper class sportsmen. Rene's son Bernard Lacoste took over the company in 1963. The company continued to grow and expand under Bernard's watch, introducing a wide variety of new lines and establishing itself as a must-have wardrobe item during the 1980s.Lacoste remains a major player in the world of fashion, particularly in sportswear, as the company continues to modernize its look. Lacoste is the apparel of choice for a number of tennis stars, including Andy Roddick, Richard Gasquet and Stanislas Wawrinka. In addition to its prominence on the tennis court, Lacoste also has a strong presence in the world of professional golf, with Jos?Mar铆a Olaz谩bal and Colin Montgomerie wearing the brand in recent tournaments.Today, Lacoste boutiques can be found around the world and the brand is also carried in a number of upscale department stores, including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and more. Additionally, Lacoste has a strong online presence, allowing patrons around the world to shop for the brand's clothing and other items, including options not found in retail stores.In addition to their wide variety of other high-quality products, Lacoste also has a vibrant and popular line of fragrances. Some of the favorite scents in the Lacoste fragrance line include:-- Cool Play for men, a refreshing and crisp fragrance with cedarwood and patchouli aned accented by mandarin, coriander and juniper berry-- Dream of Pink, a passionate and energetic fragrance created for young women, with the flirty scent of fresh berries and a touch of rose, lotus flower and sandalwood-- Lacoste Cologne for men, first introduced in 2002, a fragrance that is both classic and masculine, with a sensuous feel that is still perfect for casual wear-- Touch of Spring, a women's scent both fresh and floral, featuring quince berry, water lily, sandalwood and musk-- Red Style in Play, a fragrance for men that is energetic and playful, with apple and liqueur top notes, a hint of jasmine and a vetiver and musk finish fmzds120510 pinstripe black suit mens suits for sale


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