Choose the right shoes for your wedding dresses

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Choose the right shoes for your wedding dresses  Empty Choose the right shoes for your wedding dresses

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Choose the right shoes for your wedding dresses

The color of a pair of shoes, plus not only for clothing, but also enhance the bride's personal taste; the beautiful bride from head to toe perfection should be, then the wedding dress and how to Perfect Match heels it, was still a big headache for the bride, let us take a look at the shoes which one we should choose.Style one: Orthodox weddingSimple style, formal wedding tutu body is the most common manifestations, with such dress with the shoes, both models can be relatively simple, the color white, silver is better, the more close to the wedding of the white or The more fit and beige wedding.Style two: Alternative Fashion modelsFashion models are not rigidly adhere to the orthodox wedding binding the hands, so the bride can better display their personality, to such a wedding in color mostly beige, wedding decoration of the strong overall, the use of a large number of elements of fashion as clothing embellishment, so that should catch on with the shoes on the wedding fashion elements, so that elements of Wedding accessories on the same appear on the show in the shoes out.Style three: flower dressJump flowers sense, both are hot in any season, the focus of this year by a wave of large areas of flower dress, flower dress is a popular concern this season, and flower pattern with flowers, shoes can be the same series .Style four: sequined dressMost of these rely on flash piece dress, diamond stitched together, the biggest feature is definitely enough to shine in the light irradiation of all attention, the metal loading efficiency usually relatively bulky dress, emphasizing the effect of self-cultivation, and generally to Tee mostly fine style sling. As the metal loading effect of the dress easier to light refraction in the banquet hall, try to choose the color of the shoes is a wise move low-key. fmzds120516 brown suit 42 suit


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