Staying Cool In A Business Suit

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Staying Cool In A Business Suit

A business suit is something that can get a bit warm. When it's the summer months of the year, a suit can become stifling. You want to stay cool but it's very difficult to do so. Find out what you can do that will help you be cooler in your business suit during the summer.Start off with keeping the two sources of heat loss as uncovered as possible. This would be your head and your feet. If you have shorter hair, you are going to feel cooler. Get breathable socks that will give you a bit more airflow so that your body's heat can exit through your feet as much as possible.Get a blazer without a liner in it. There are many that are made for the summer months that are much thinner. Buy and wear these during the warm months of the year.Use a very light over shirt with a quality and breathable undershirt. This is the best combination if you want to stay cool. The shirt will be thin while the undershirt can protect you from sweat marks.As always, lighter colors are better than darker colors if you want to stay more cool. Get as light of colors as you can get away with to be more comfortable.Get clothing that is not tight. When the clothing is tight, it's harder to have airflow and for your body heat to get out. If you wear loose clothing with your business suit, you are going to feel more cool.Stay out of the direct sunlight. This will make you and the materials in your suit get too warm for you. If you are out in the sun a lot be sure and keep your movements at a minimum. This will keep you from getting too hot while outside.Start drinking more water. This is not only needed for hydration but it's good for keeping you cooler. Always make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day.If you can, consider losing some weight. When you are at a lower weight, it will reduce the heat that you are feeling so the summer heat in a suit will be a bit more bearable.A business suit is something that is almost too warm to wear during the summer. fmzds120604 dior suits zegna suits ermenegildo zegna suits


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