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How to tie scarves for men

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How to tie scarves for men Empty How to tie scarves for men

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How to tie scarves for men

If you gone and bought that expensive men scarf and are now wondering what to do with it, help is at hand. Scarves for men, whether they are woolen scarves, or silk or linen can look great in multiple ways. If you know how to knot them right, you look uber cool as well as masculine and make the ladies drool. And of course, they keep you warm too. Here are a few variations to tying the men scarf:Parisian knot: Classically European, this knot has become popular for both men and women across the world. Woolen scarves especially do this knot justice, keeping you snug in the winters while making you look sophisticated too. You need a longish men scarf for this one. Double the scarf and then place it around your neck with the ends dangling in front of you. Pass the loose ends through the oop?that is formed and tighten the knot. Voila! You have mastered the Parisian knot. You can wear this knot with any jacket or coat ?a bomber jacket or even a trench coat. If its especially cold, you could tuck your men scarf into your jacket and zip up till the neck.Once-around knot: Scarves for men look casual and dapper when tied in the once-around knot. Drape the scarf around the neck, with one end about a foot longer than the other one. Wrap the longer end around your neck once and let it hang in front of you, equal in length to the other end. For a cool, 憁essy?look, loosen the knot a little bit and let the ends be unequal in length. This will give you a look that edgy and fun. You can wear this knot with woolen scarves in the winter or with linen ones in the summer. This one versatile ?so wear with jackets or even over t-shirts.Twice-around knot: This one is best for winter and is likely to keep you cozier than the other options. Wear just like the once-around knot, except that wrap the longer end around your neck twice and then bring it forward. Choose among long scarves for men only and make sure it is knotted neatly. Since this knot is best for winters and tends to bulk up a lot, try this look with woolen scarves in cashmere. You can wear this with turtle necks, sweaters or jackets with mandarin collars.Now that you learnt a few tricks about knotting your scarf, just remember that buying the right scarf is important too. Invest in good scarves for men from specialists in men accessories such as Stanley Lewis. This way you get the best fabrics and designs as well as a few handy tips from informed salespeople on how to get your look right.So whether its winter or summer, wear your scarf with confidence and watch heads turn as you walk by. fmzds120412 ermenegildo zegna suits hugo boss mens suit


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