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how to select perfect mens suit of ours

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how to select  perfect mens suit  of ours   Empty how to select perfect mens suit of ours

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:35 am

how to select perfect mens suit of ours

I believe many people have to buy the suit, have their own suit, so you know how to correct maintenance of suit, choose suit? Similar to a student of jeans and Cheap T-shirts, suit, is gradually social contact man wardrobe essential clothing. Suit from a version of metaphysical, mainly Japan and Europe and the United States edition, the two biggest difference is, the version of the suit on the general is not the waist, while the European version of the suit are generally waist, the version of the suit on the rear body length than the American version of the suit short a centimeter. A nice suit has a variety of styles and various colors, how to choose the first from the man's appearance to proceed.In fact, and ladies, the selection of a suitable man body suit, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, can from the appearance of the man's body more tall and slender.Of course, if your man is lucky to belong to that high leg length, muscle health real beauty, this restricted the frame will naturally be a lot less. A squat man.Men of this kind in selected coat should not be too long, it is best not to cover the buttocks, will appear to underground heap (dialect, do not know if you can understand without), not to mention gas, not the spirit of.If the suit, the best color should not be too bright.In visual exaggerated body width. A slightly short and thin man.Men of this kind for wearing a waist coat, but when worn should be noted, the length of the jacket to cover all the hip, so make them appear more short of stature.Short thin fmlj120727 shaped male bobbin in a suit with light gray color selection and other bright colors, black, dark blue, dark gray, dark clothes for vice. Tall and fat man, said a tall thin, this kind of man is the main body to feel weak.Suit well, have hold up will seem more men style.So in the selection, as far as possible to buy on breasted suit, because this kind of dress buttons at a lower position, put on their body can appear not so thin.And to choose the best wide lattice suit, color is also not too deep, with light-coloured.But if the fat man, the best color to black, navy blue, single breasted, relaxed style, if you choose to bring figure, striped, plaid, suit, preferably not visible.


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